The Apartment: Passion for Design (Season 6) Grand Finale

28 May 2018 | 8.30am – 11.30am

In the nail biting The Apartment (Season 6) finale, UMLand proudly presented the grand prize, an apartment at D’Lagoon, UMLand Seri Austin (worth USD140,000) to the winner of the premiere design competition show in all of Asia – Stephanie Dods. Mr. KK Wong, CEO of UMLand Seri Austin cum Group Director of Townships, UMLand, was also featured on the episode as a guest judge and to present the luxurious lakeside prize to The Apartment: Passion for Design winner. What an exciting this season has been for everyone involved with the show and an distinct honour for UMLand Seri Austin to have been featured as the entire season’s main backdrop.

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