UMLand CARES serves as our corporate social responsibility (CSR) effort and commitment to change lives and impact communities through a holistic approach that goes beyond regulatory compliance and ethical business behaviour.

Along with being ambitious in our development objectives, our CSR initiatives are equally vital towards improving and empowering the lives of people in the areas where we operate and beyond for the purpose of creating sustainable and meaningful communities.


Community Enrichment

We empower and enrich the lives in the communities where we operate and beyond

Aspiration Fulfilment

We create opportunities for aspiring individuals to fulfil their ambitions and dreams

Reaching Out

We engage and contribute to the unfortunate and marginalized in meaningful and practical means

Environmentally Friendly

We promote, implement, and practice eco-friendly methods to preserve and keep our ecological blueprint to the absolute minimum

Sustainable Solutions

We drive sustainable solutions towards arriving to a state where living conditions and resources meet the needs of communities without compromising the integrity and stability of the ecosystem