Iskandar Halal Park

Iskandar Malaysia, Johor

Status: Current Project

Type: Township

Iskandar Halal Park (IHP) was previously known as Johor Halal Park and is a subsidiary of UMLand Bhd which focuses in developing the Halal Sector . The objective of this project is to create a world-class integrated halal industrial park located within a freehold industrial development site in Eastern corridor of Iskandar Malaysia.

A Halal Park is a specialized economic zone for the production of halal products for both local and international markets. IHP is a centralize community of manufacturing, service providers with industry essential shared services into one common property.

IHP aims to improve the performance of the participating companies while preserving their halal integrity and minimizing their environmental impact. Environments consideration in the parks are incorporated into green design of the park infrastructure and include cleaner production facilities, measures to prevent pollution, accessibility of raw materials, emphasis on energy efficiency and consolidated services from public agencies.

With HALMAS accreditation by Halal Industry Development Corporation (HDC), IHP will be one of the viable, healthy and a place of choice to generate better economic growth within Eastern corridor of Iskandar Malaysia as this accreditation enables Halal industry players to enjoy benefits and financial incentives. One of the benefits that they will receive include of 10-years of corporate tax exemption. HALMAS is an accreditation that is given to a halal park operator who have succesfully complied with the requirement and guidelines stipulated and it is also a mark of excellence for parks that have noteworthy qualities with the highest quality, integrity and safety.

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