Frequently Asked Questions

Are the information displayed on UMLand website accurate?

UMLand tries to ensure all the information displayed on the website are accurate and up-to-date however as updating is done periodically, some of the information whilst correct may be in the process of being updated therefore please contact the relevant listed contacts for up-to-the minute information.

For accuracy of information extracted and/or linked to an external link, UMLand cannot assure the accuracy and visitors are advised to follow up with such publisher of information.

Are the information and images on UMLand proprietary?

All information, text, visuals, photographs, multimedia effects and logos are copyright to UMLand, its subsidiaries, servants and or agent. Any reproduction of any such materials requires the written consent of UMLand. Please refer to the General Terms & Conditions And Disclaimer below.

Why don’t some of the pages and images load properly?

As the website is interactive and multimedia based, you may to need to have modern browsers, enabled javascript, software (for e.g. Adobe Acrobat Reader), plug-ins and certain computer settings. Below are the supported browsers list:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0 or higher
  • Mozilla Firefox 25 or higher
  • Google Chrome
Is the personal information I send through the enquiry form safe from abuse?

Yes. UMLand merely collects and gather the data sent for internal use and to respond to enquiries as well as compiling profile of interest in any of UM Land projects, business, etc. etc. UM Land do not gather the information and pass on or hand over such data gathered to any other party outside of the UM Land Group.

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